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Train a Dog the Come Command (Recall) : Dog Training with a Remote Collar

Added on Oct 1, 2008 From expertvillage

Remote collars can be used to train your dog from great distances. Learn about how a remote collar works with advice from a dog trainer in this free dog training video.

Expert: Carol Underwood
Bio: Carol provides comprehensive training programs customized to the needs of the dog-owner team. Her graduates include 'Canine Good Citizens', 'Therapy Dogs', and 'Assistance Dogs'.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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Orangejuicemint1 Says:

Mar 27, 2010 - These collars are now banned in the UK, £20,000 fine or 6 months imprisonment.

shatteringglass Says:

Dec 3, 2009 - its not a zap. If the dog was in pain or stress, you would know, a yelp, cowering away, avoidance, whining, etc

Well-Mannered Dog Obedience Academy Says:

Aug 28, 2009 - I really wish that people would do some research on remote training collars, before shooting their mouths off about them! Remote training collars can be an incredible asset to any dog and owner that understands how to properly use it! You can abuse a dog with a flat collar, choke chain, or any other training too just as easily as a remote collar.

jimlupi Says:

Apr 21, 2009 - If your into no punishment, I understand your comments. If not these collars can be set to a tickle that is far less adversive than a choke or pinch collar

lmm9607 Says:

Mar 13, 2009 - sucky training... cruel. i hate those f'n collars. why can't you just give her the treat? why zap her?