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How to Train Your Dog : Prevent Your Dog from Barking at the Front Door: Part 1

Added on Nov 14, 2007 From expertvillage

Information, tips and techniques on how to stop your dog from barking at the front door or people on the street are discussed in this free video.

Expert: Melanie McLeroy
Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid.
Filmmaker: EV studios

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Jenna Vasquez Says:

Dec 16, 2015 - Dogs have to bark at the door. For example :It's late at night, a robber comes in and opens (makes sounds) they have to bark for an alarm or something ..... That's why they're like watch dogs._.

Schpankme Verimuch Says:

Sep 28, 2013 - This method utilizes the dogs training the human.

DJHey20 Says:

Apr 15, 2013 - I still don't understand the idea of giving your dog a treat when they hear either someone knock at the door or the doorbell ringing. I think it would make more sense if you just have your dog go wait in a particular spot, go open the door for whoever is there, and then verbally released them and let them know that it's okay to go greet your guest. I saw that in another dog training video, and that's what the trainer suggested doing.

delta1inc Says:

Apr 10, 2012 - I like when my dogs bark at the door because she is smart she barks once or twice no more than three and then she sniffs under the door to see if stranger or foe. If its someone like the UPS guy she continues to bark but if it's my mom or sis then her tail begins to do a 180 spin lol

Gilson Dee Says:

Jan 15, 2012 - sound is very bad! please fix it!

Steven Perry Says:

Sep 1, 2011 - Hey, my jack russell x plummer terrier 10 week old female puppy keeps whining, barking and howling when we put her in her pen and leave her alone. Can anyone help us stop it please ASAP cuz my mum is considering selling her.

ifire back Says:

Aug 21, 2011 - i like that my dogs bark at the door it tells me some1 is coming

Ellie Says:

Apr 21, 2011 - but im not exactly going to stand by my door with some treats on the off chance of a visitor... :/


Apr 19, 2011 - Great info. I wish your video was a little better quality so I could hear what you were saying a little more, but you do have great info. :)

mydogkanskidrums Says:

Apr 1, 2011 - @peacelovekatie428 Not if they are small and use them sensibly. I never like feeding dogs from food bowls as I would rather use the kibble during training, so the dogs learn to enjoy training and are motivated by it. Of course, if you are using lots of treats but keep meals the same size, it's not the best. Using food in training is the most effective and efficient way to teach new behaviours as well as solve common behaviour 'problems'. Unfortunately, many people are too macho to use food.