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Agility Training for Dogs : Teach Your Dog Weave Poles During Dog Agility Training

Added on Oct 8, 2007 From expertvillage

Learn how to teach your dog to run weave poles when teaching your dog agility in this free video.

Expert: Elise Paffrath
Bio: Elise Paffrath began her dog agility career in the early 1970s.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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Sue Moore Says:

Oct 18, 2015 - well I've tried bumbling through my own version of I'll try it. my dog is very willing but I'm such a noob. I have the tall spike end poles and tape...but maybe i need the zigzag tape. is there a good source to get these poles that i can move together easily?

Peter Caine Dog Training Says:

Aug 8, 2015 - This method is absurd...the method I use take 3 sessions, I use no food no clicker

Gigi Pizzuto Says:

Jul 27, 2015 - Doesn't really help watching a dog fully trained...

A. Meehan Says:

Mar 10, 2013 - I know you made this comment 3 months ago but if you're having difficult try the 2x2 method by Susan Garrett. My dog learned to weave very quickly and it was super easy. So if this method isn't working give it a try. It's been amazing.

Elaine Medina Says:

Mar 9, 2013 - umm...i doesnt take years or months to teach this it took my border collie about 5 days.

WagginWoods Says:

Mar 2, 2013 - Awesome tips ... well made informative video ... I love to train almost as much as competing with our English Cockers .... My guys fight to be the first one out the door for weave pole training. Thanks for sharing.

Yvonne Jessome Says:

Jan 14, 2013 - I would CRY if it took my dog years to learn to weave LOL!

LiveLoveRideForeva Says:

Nov 29, 2012 - @flyballdalmation yes but it's quite hard to get your dog to run through, my dog just runs past it instead of through it, she didn't teach anything but show how to progress your dog when it already learned that

Caitlin Lucy Says:

Jul 17, 2012 - when i try to teach my dog the weaves he trys to chew them?

23Nellie1 Says:

Jul 6, 2012 - That's the point. Agility IS a game.