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Dog Agility Training Basics : Best Breeds for Dog Agility Training

Added on Oct 3, 2008 From expertvillage

Herding breeds are generally the easiest dogs to teach agility tricks. Learn about the best breeds for agility training with tips from a professional dog trainer in this free pet care video.

Expert: Dustin Daniels
Bio: Mark Siebel owns DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training, and teaches agility basics and dog tricks.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

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A Bit of Bruce Says:

Oct 29, 2015 - What about the crossbreds of the dog world I think they don't get enough respect
I have a crossbred he's 1.5 years old and when he was one he won 2nd in a fun agility competition
And yes I trained him myself

saine414 Says:

Nov 19, 2014 - Of course all dogs can be good if you work hard but there have to be a number 1,2,3 breed for the job, dont you think all these people in agiliti championships work hard for there dog? And still Border collies is almost every time on top, why? Because its the best breed for the job, thats it!!!! All this talk is just to give people hope and please people with a nother breed, thats lying and not real straightforward talk :/

Steph horan Says:

Jan 4, 2014 - I have a Labrador retriever puppy he is 9weeks now how old should I start training him to do this type of stuff ?

Chldrnfbdm4 Says:

Sep 5, 2011 - @LovePeaceAgility Then apparently you haven't watched it. He said exactly what you did, "any dog can be a champion"

googleisshittoss Says:

Jun 25, 2011 - Obviosly you cannot have a Yorkshire Terrier competing with a Border Collie...thats just unfair!

Randi Knowles Says:

Mar 31, 2011 - Unlike in this Video, you should NEVER have two dogs doing one obstacle at the same time. They could run into each other or trip and hurt each other!!!!

Salty Dogs Says:

Dec 5, 2010 - @ssusgirl Oh yes! :)

Sarah Saddoris Says:

Dec 5, 2010 - @magicalice10 Just don't jump them too high or if they are older don't jump them. Mine loves the tunnel tho :)

Sarah Saddoris Says:

Dec 5, 2010 - @LovePeaceAgility haha yeah my Dachshund does Agility and Competitive Obedience. He's a beast at it, too!

Salty Dogs Says:

Nov 8, 2010 - I dont like this video at all. ALL dogs no matter WHAT the breed can do agility!!!!! It doesnt always have to be about how fast it is, or what these losers say what can and cant be an agility dog. As long as you have fun and make a strong bond with your doggie, everything is cool!!!