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Top 10 African Dog Breeds

Added on Jul 8, 2013 From Hazel Melville A guide with pictures to the top 10 African Dog Breeds including lion fighting dogs and hairless dogs!

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67sapphireblue Says:

Apr 28, 2015 - Hi just a bit of a spell it RHODESION but it should be RHODESIAN AND the biggest one,  they weren't bred to KILL lions,  the hunter would have a pack of them and let them go...they would BAY the lion but no fighting,  keep lion in a more open spot so the hunter can come up and shoot lion...but DEF NOT bred for Fighting and Killing lions cheers.  I have been BLESSED with having this breed for 16 them to bits

Nadia Tomczyk Says:

Nov 28, 2013 - I have a rhodasion ridge back mix