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Dog Training & Ownership : How to Keep a Dog From Pulling on the Leash

Added on Sep 28, 2008 From expertvillage

Dog training can keep your dog from pulling on the leash and help establish useful commands, like "heel," and proper discipline. Teach your dog to heel and stop from tugging at the leash during walks with tips from a certified dog trainer in this free video on dog ownership.

Expert: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg
Bio: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog trainer in Miami, Fla.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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yoooKleve Says:

Jul 16, 2013 - You suck with yo five dalla ass

Kirra Asassin Says:

May 25, 2011 - Um... this guy sucks at giving advice... your entire right hand is supposed to go in through the loop and your left hand is supposed to guide the dog so it stays to your left. Also some breeds like a little pull factor so they have to be ahead of you. The way you are doing it is going to wind up getting someone to trip themselves on the leash.

Edward Lister Says:

Dec 27, 2009 - Sorry, new to UTube- I was replying to TheGameBreedPit. BTW I live in Vegas, where a lot of dog fighting goes on, and it's sad... Sorry I'm off topic, Good upload, even if the dog is trained, the message is sound advice...

Edward Lister Says:

Dec 27, 2009 - I'm not into "Profiling" but it is painfully obvious that you own and abuse your Pit Bull (5 months later) if it is still alive. Do you fight it too? I have been the proud owner of several Pit Bulls and they are super smart, easy to train, and have the nickname "The Nanny Breed" because they are so protective of children. Don't give them a bad name, or us a chance to make you look like a complete fool...

Angelina Baskin Says:

Oct 6, 2009 - I would like to see him how "heel" to a dog that actually pulls and does not know heel. That dog is already trained. This video does not help at all... sorry.

nazarethguy Says:

Sep 21, 2009 - What is wrong with everyone? That is a lab in the video and Pit bulls are so smart they are very easy to train but you have to be willing to do the work. You also have to watch and read alot of research and then use what works for your dog.

fclavijo Says:

Aug 27, 2009 - thats an already trained dog :(