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Dog Tricks Made Easy - The "Crawl"

Added on Sep 1, 2015 From DogVacay

Once your dog has mastered basics like sit, shake, and lie down, you can build on those skills to tackle a few new tricks. Our series, “Dog Tricks Made Easy,” will teach you and your pup how to do just that, through short, informative how-to videos (starring our adorable office dogs).

The "Crawl"

Starring Maggie


Dog tricks, made easy. In 3 easy steps, we'll show you how to teach your dog the "Crawl".

Step 1: Have your dog lay down. Then, slowly drag a treat in front of him on the floor. Make sure he moves forward in the down position. Take your time with this step, helping your dog get comfortable with the crawling position is half the battle.

Step 2: Once your dog is comfortable with crawling, start giving him the command “Crawl” as you drag the treat away from him. Encourage and reward him once he crawls.

Step 3: Repeat until your dog no longer needs you to lure him with treats. Happy Crawling!

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