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How to Respond to a Dog Food Recall

Added on Mar 16, 2011 From Howcast

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Keep your dog happy and healthy; follow these steps to make sure their kibble is yummy and safe.

Step 1: Check for recalled food
Check for recalled food and treats on a regular basis. Visit the FDA or the Humane Society websites for a list, at or

Join the Humane Society Community on their site. The Pet of the Week Newsletter will inform you of any new recalls.

Step 2: Stop feeding the food
Stop feeding your pet the food immediately. Make sure that none of the food is left out where your pet could get into it accidentally.

Step 3: Return the food
Return the food to the store where you purchased it.

Step 4: Contact your vet
Contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog has already eaten the recalled food, even if your dog does not appear ill. Provide your vet with details, such as the last time you fed your pet, or amounts you fed your pet.

Have all the recall information available.

Step 5: Contact your Consumer Complaint Coordinator
Contact your Consumer Complaint Coordinator if your pet is ill or has died from any recalled food. Each state has their own Complaint Coordinator -- a list of phone numbers is posted at Know that in the future, you have the resources to select food that is safe for your pet.

Did You Know?
Consumers spent over $15 billion on pet food in 2006.

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