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Dog Training Career - Work With Animals

Added on Jul 23, 2015 From Sharon Bolt - Good Dogs! We've created a series of videos for people who want to become professional dog trainers which includes tips on: How to become a dog trainer, how to calculate your potential dog trainer salary, how to become a certified dog trainer, how to select the best dog trainer course and how to have a successful dog training career etc.

In this video Sharon talks about having a dog training career, to watch her video on how to calculate a dog trainer salary go here:

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I'm Sharon Bolt and I’m the founder of Good Dogs! I’m a dog expert who has been featured in more than 35 different newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations and I am regularly featured on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey.

I've created a series of videos for people who want to become professional dog trainers giving tips on...

• How you can become a dog trainer

• How to work with animals and

• How to have a successful dog training career.

Title: Dog Training Career

(00:48) Is it your dream to be able to work with dogs and have a dog training career?

If you're the type of person who'd love to work with animals then becoming a dog trainer would probably be an ideal choice for you.

With the increased number of dog attacks, dog bites and dog owners at their wits end with their dogs' unwanted behaviour there is certainly a demand for more professional dog trainers and an opening for the right people to have successful dog training careers.

So, let’s talk about how to become a dog trainer...

What I've discovered along my dog trainer journey is that there are 3 essential parts needed in order to become a successful dog trainer.

1) A strong mindset with positive Beliefs and Expectations.

2) Dog training knowledge and experience.

3) Business knowledge and knowing the right Marketing Strategies.

In this video I'm going to focus on one of these vital parts and give you some tips about dog training, specifically about recall training.

Are you ready?

Good let's start...!

My advice is to only let your dog off the lead when they are responding well and walking by your side on the lead first.


Because until you have communicated to your dog that you are in charge of the walk there is a strong possibility they will do whatever they like when off the lead.

I think most dog owners would agree that it's joyful watching happy and well balanced dogs enjoying their freedom, playing and burning off excess energy off the lead.

However, this is not an enjoyable experience for you if you're dreading an incident happening or are anxious that your dog may not come back or will only do so when they're ready.

So here's what to do...

First of all you need to teach your dog the 'come' command, a good place to start is in your home and back garden as there are a limited number of distractions and interesting smells there compared to a park.

The best way to teach your dog the 'come' command is to say their name and then the word come.

When they come to you give them their favourite treat and say the word come as you release the treat, so they associate that the word come means that they are to come to you.

When your dog is responding well to the come command at home next take them to a park and repeat the same training with them on a long training or extendable lead. Keep doing this until you feel confident to let them off the lead having taught them to come when you call.

Sometimes dogs simply haven't understood what they are supposed to do when you say their name and are not being naughty, they just have never been taught the come command!

You can get the E-book now by clicking the link below:

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