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Dog Training Collars & Leashes : Training Dogs Not to Pull the Leash

Added on Oct 3, 2008 From expertvillage

Teaching your dog not to pull on the leash can be a difficult task for many pet owners. Learn more about training dogs not to pull on the leash when walking with tips from a dog trainer in this free pet care video.

Expert: Donna Bainter
Bio: Donna Bainter has been a feline and canine behavior trainer since 2000.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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chichirinuriko20 Says:

Jun 23, 2011 - How come you can let the dog where it wants to go?

mark ballest Says:

Mar 12, 2009 - The dog seems to tolerate all the tension and appears to have become use to having tension on the leash. I bet a prong collar would work better as long as the dog does not learning to put tension on the leash with that tool also.