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How to Stop Your Dog Barking When Alone | Top Tips

Added on Apr 4, 2016 From

How to Stop Your Dog Barking When Alone has tips about how to teach your dog not to bark when he is left alone.
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It’s a common problem and a very annoying one: Your dog is well-behaved when you're home, but as soon as you leave, he can't seem to keep his mouth shut.

We found help for our puppy Freddy because we wanted to make sure he was happy, and wasn’t creating a nuisance for our neighbours when we left him alone.

Here are a few ideas for you.

1. Exercise. Make sure your dog has been exercised before you leave the house. Tired dogs are more likely to want a quiet rest time.

2. Toys. Treats can be placed inside a Kong toy, and the dog will work to get the treats out. This is a behaviour that is incompatible to barking.

3. Sounds. Leave your radio or television on at a normal level. These approximate normal household sounds you are present.

4. Smells. Puppies and dogs have powerful noses. Make sure to leave something of yours that has your scent.

This is a problem you need to fix, and fast!

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