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Stop your dog from pulling on the leash - FREE Video

Added on Jun 14, 2017 From PROEBOOK

Stop your dog from pulling on the leash LINK: When you own a dog, one of the most important things you need to teach them is how to behave when they are on a leash. Many people hesitate to do leash training a dog because they assume it is going to be difficult to train their dog and they do not know the steps needed to do it right. Many dog owners face the problem of leash pulling. Dogs often pull on the leash because they want to escape, this is especially the case with puppies. I so often see dogs taking their owners for walks when in reality it should be the other way around, owners taking dogs for a walk. This behavior is irritating, and if your dog does manage to escape, he could get himself into real trouble – especially in busy city neighborhoods.
Sometimes dogs pull on the leash because they are overly excited. When this is the case, a simple thing you can do to calm them down is to stop walking. Wait for some few minutes and then continue on your way. Give your dog an opportunity to calm down, and he will be much more relaxed. You might find your dog pulling on the leash if it wants to confront another dog. This comes from your dog wanting to show dominance, so the simple way to solve this problem is for you to show your dog that you are the dominant one. To have a well trained and under control dog when walking him with a leash, you’ll need to take your time and slowly teach your dog that you are the leader and he must follow your guidance when on the leash. The best way to do this is to command your dog to sit while walking him (when he has the leash around him). Don’t continue walking until your dog has followed your order. This will slowly teach your dog that you remain in control when he has the leash on and that you are the leader. Click on link below and learn how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash!

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