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Dog Breeding & Pregnancy : Deciding to Breed a Dog

Added on Jan 3, 2009 From expertvillage

To decide whether or not to breed a dog, consider how that dog will improve the breed with its perfect temperament and health. Breed a dog to continue a healthy bloodline with tips from a veterinarian in this free video on dog care.

Expert: Dr. Pam Nichols
Bio: Dr. Pam Nichols has been a veterinarian for 13 years, and she owns the Animal Care Center in Bountiful, Utah.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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ralphiel hunter Says:

Jan 9, 2013 - do i suppose to breed her when she stop bleeding

Rhonda Stewart Says:

Oct 30, 2012 - I have 2 Rottweilers they are half siblings but from different litters they have the same father the female will be a year old one nov. 5 and the male is 9 mo. I Locked up the male and got back home he chewed through the door I walked in on them tied. I'm not sure on handling the situation . It was acciident

Carena722 Says:

Aug 14, 2012 - i don't think they care much about euthanized dogs although I do wonder where they put the animals afterwards.

Carena722 Says:

Aug 14, 2012 - and they are.....?

Tamzism T Says:

Apr 16, 2011 - Hey i have two dogs, a male and a bitch. My bitch is on heat but my boy isnt showing much interest. My bitch is jumping on him and iv seen him try a little but not very hard. I also had my boy around my friends male dog and he jumped on him straight away.any advise?

dxmakina Says:

Mar 21, 2010 - childbirth =/= dogbirth lol

ChickenNugget3467 Says:

Feb 9, 2010 - i'm planning on breeding my beautiful healthy chiwawa minature pinchiar mix with a pure breed white teacup male so she can birth a litter of healthy gorgeous chiwawa mix puppies.. but i have a question is it a good thing to breed a mix with a pure?

Brett Poe Says:

Mar 19, 2009 - my dog is prego i know for sure cuz shes big and chubby haha and her nippls are getting really big but im sorry to say i have no idea when the mating took place can who tell me how far along she is by these semptoms

Tim Gross Says:

Jan 3, 2009 - second coment

umdterp999 Says:

Jan 3, 2009 - first comment