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New Canine Obstacle Course

Added on Aug 27, 2014 From vpdonline

The Vancouver Police Canine Unit, along with representatives from the BCIT Aboriginal Services, Aboriginal Mentoring and Training Association and the BCIT Technology Centre, were on hand this morning to unveil a new obstacle course built specifically for police dogs.

The current obstacle course, donated by BCIT in 2010, was due to be replaced this year. While the cost of construction materials came from the Canine Unit’s operating budget, two BCIT Aboriginal Alumni, Glen Campbell and Steve Luk, donated their time and construction expertise to build the new one.

“This is a joint venture between the Vancouver Police and the community through BCIT,” says Inspector Loris Zuccato, the officer in charge of the Canine Unit. “BCIT’s generous donation shows how dedicated they are to building safer communities. Their continued support means our police service dogs will benefit from this for years to come.”

The new obstacle course will be used by the Vancouver Police Department, as well as by the other departments trained by the VPD, such as the Port Moody and West Vancouver Police Departments. The course will be an integral part of training to keep the dogs fit for their jobs.

“This project spotlights the wonderful work and craftsmanship of two BCIT Aboriginal Alumni. It acknowledges the traditional values of the Musqueam Indian Band and the community service of the VPD Canine Unit,” says Derik Joseph, BCIT Aboriginal Services Advisor. “This project helps build bridges and deepens the relationships between the groups involved: the Coast Salish Nations, the VPD, aboriginal people, and BCIT.”

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