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The Best Dog Harness For A German Shepherd Dog

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The Best Dog Harness For A German Shepherd Dog

Many people think of dog harnesses simply for small dogs. The truth is that a dog harness for a German Shepherd dog is a very useful accessory to have. A German Shepherd is a powerful dog and a lead on it’s own may not provide as much control as you’d like to have. A harness is comfortable for your dog and also allows you more control. Choosing the right harness is like choosing anything else in life – you need to do your research!

We decided to take a look at what harnesses were available for German Shepherd dogs. As you may expect, we saw a great many harnesses for smaller dogs but a limited range of harnesses for larger breeds.

After much searching we located the K9 Powerharness, Dog Vest Harness – No Pull Dog Harness – Manufactured by PoppyPet.

Don’t let the name ‘PoppyPet’ fool you, concentrate more on the ‘K9’ in the description.

This is a seriously strong dog harness!

German Shepherd Harness 1

German Shepherd Harness 2

German Shepherd Harness 3

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