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Sleepy Puppies

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Some cool dog videos images:

Sleepy Puppies
dog videos
Image by Tobias Mayr
Watch the Timelapse Video of South America:
Shot it with my 50mm f1.4

Sailor is a Water Dog! (Explored)
dog videos
Image by Douglas Brown
This is Sailor contemplating the Joys of Water! He loves the water, from the water in his water bowl at home to lakes, rivers, and streams. We can’t keep him out of his water dish, he’s always splashing his feet in it, and he’ll try to ‘protect’ the water bowl from the other dogs. Yet, he’s totally not protective of his food bowl even when there’s still food in it and he’s eating. Sailor likes water! 🙂

Below is a very short video, a 1.5 minute snippet, from an outing yesterday at Far North Bicentennial Park at Campbell Creek. BTW, the day before, a Grizzly Bear charged a fisherman at this very spot in the video because the Salmon are now returning. I tried photographing them but they didn’t turn out very well at all… the Salmon were kinda deep in the water.

(BTW, the brief appearance of the second dog in the video is an interesting 14-month old Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix who weighed 110 pounds. Pretty much the first dog that Sailor has met as an "adolescent" who is bigger than he is… Sailor did very well and deferred to the larger and older dog).

dog videos
Image by Thomas Leuthard

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