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People Can Now Compete In Triathlons With Their Dogs

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Swimming Dog
Facebooktwittermail reports that dog owners can now compete in triathlons with their dogs.

There are many super-fit people competing in triathlons, and many of these people no doubt have dogs. The idea of taking your dog along and competing with you may seem like an obvious idea, but it’s not been an option until recently.

Not all dogs will be suited to the high demands of a triathlon and careful consideration must be taken before deciding to enter such an event. Consult a qualified Vet if you are considering this sport.


Like humans, dogs need to train consistently and safely to conquer the run, swim and dry-land mushing portion of the race. This requires owners to acquaint their dog with distance swimming and being attached to a scooter by a bungee cord for the dry-land mushing portion, which takes the place of biking.

The course is often shortened to prevent dogs from overheating, but it is still important to know your own dog’s limits. Not all pups are meant to run triathlons.



Dog Triathlons Exist for Athletic Dogs.

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