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Mens Bachelor Party Doesn’t Quite Go To Plan When They End Up Rescuing Stray Dog And Her Pups

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A bachelor party for Mitchel Craddock and his pals took a turn in a different direction while cooking their breakfast one morning in their cabin. They were in the woods in Tennessee and the delicious scent of bacon wasn’t just smelled by the guys. A dog seemed to appear from nowhere and while the dog refused to come in to the cabin she simply sat and stared at the men from the doorway. She was clearly hungry and the smell of cooking bacon was all she needed to make her way to the mens cabin door.


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All eight guests of the bachelor party were fond of the dog and enjoyed her presence. “She was such a sweet dog that once we gained her trust, she was happy to see us, wagging her tail — just a big sweetheart,” Craddock told KAKE. One thing they had all noticed, however, was that this dog had recently given birth to a litter of puppies. She seemed a bit malnourished and wasn’t producing any more milk, so it was likely she was dehydrated.


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After spending more time with her, the group discovered that this mother dog was protecting a spot in the woods. Sure enough – they found her puppies there. She had seven youngsters she’d been caring for. “We set each pup individually down in front of her and she nuzzled their faces and she checked out the pups and to the person holding them, she gave the look of, ‘It’s OK, I trust you,’” Craddock said.


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