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History and facts about the Carolina dog

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History and facts about the Carolina dog.

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  1. They bark as far as I know in Carolina's  is a mark of domestication. Dingoes unlike Carolina Dogs cannot bark as the vocal chords are like that of a Basenji which can only let out a yap but not bark like any domestic dog.

  2. I just lost my awesome Carolina dog a couple of weeks ago and I really need one that will help her grieving "adopted" mixed breed pup that is very skittish with humans and me and my husband…I want to another of the best dogs I have ever had!…please help

  3. this fully convinces me that my did is carolina dog mix. I wish I would have known earlier I wouldn't have gotten her fixed and bred her with another carolina dog. she's an amazing dog. she does try to cover her feces, and urine (saw you try to do it once) she's very sensative. she's like a tan color with white on her underside. all the way to her tail. one side tan other side white. it is fish hook tail. she launches her self off my porch when she goes outside to potty and runs the whole time except to stop to pee. potty training her was difficult though.

  4. I love mine and am so glad my vet knew exactly what they were. She stated that she'd like to have one. My little girl is sad that my dog doesn't like hugs but doesn't complain when she lays on top of the dog and both take naps on the couch.

  5. I have a Carolina Dingo. He is awesome. We let him be independent but with a firm hand. He is a lover and likes to cuddle. But he is like a cat in that he gets finicky and doesn't want to be bothered. He plays and harasses the other dogs. Wouldn't trade him for anything…

  6. I love these dogs, My Lucky was a wonderful part of our family. If you ever have a chance to have these dogs as members of your family don't hesitate. 

  7. These are such cute dogs!  Kind of makes me sad they are aloof/independent though.  I'm not a person who likes cat-like dogs.  That's why I'd like a dog ha! 

  8. I had the sweetest dingo named Zelda. I was able to rescue her from what I can guess was an abusive home due to how afraid she was of people for several months after I got her. I was so glad that I was able to give her several years of the 'good' life before she passed. Next time I get a dog it will definitely be another dingo… Best dogs in the world.

  9. WOW Awesome video, my wife and I have dog that we thought was a basenji, but we found out that she was a "carolina dog" after research me and my wife fell in love with the breed. Please email me for photos or whatever you need for your studies about this breed.

  10. Carolina Dogs are truly great dogs. I got mine from the pound as a puppy then later found out what he was several moths later. I constantly have people stopping me to ask what kind of dog he is. I grew up with labs my entire life and i must say that he is the best dog i've ever had. If you are looking for a breeder in the middle Tennessee area there is a man named Jim Apple who would be more than happy to talk to you.

  11. Many native dogs from Pacific Islands and Taiwan are looks like Carolina Dog. I am foster a dog like Carolina Dog at home now. trying to find a home for him in North California.

  12. I adopted a puppy from a rescue in NJ. He came with papers from Virginia saying he was a female pom a poo.He is definitely not a Poodle or Pomeranian. And he is definitely a male. He looks just like a NC dog but he's only 22 lbs at 6 months. He has all the characteristics of Carolina dog. He is truly a perfect dog. We just love him… So glad we adopted him

  13. One was given to us when she was a puppy because they didn't want to take care of her and she is the sweetest dog I've ever known. I had no idea what kind of breed she was since I've never seen a dog like her, but I didn't realize she was a rare breed. Makes her that much more special to me.

  14. We had a Carolina dog and she was well behaved, highly intelligent, fiercely brave and loyal, and extremely lovable. She had the sweetest eyes you ever saw. She could really bark and was a good watchdog. She was my sweetheart. I'd love to have another.

  15. My so-called shepherd mix adoptee is clearly a Carolina Dog. Except for some white markings and ear tips that never fully straightened, he is a copy of spkngrmn's dog. The CD, Canaan, Dingo and one or two others are all "pariah" or "landrace" dogs. The Stay command is also the one, as someone else stated, that he refuses to learn. I'm loving him. 2 out of 3 of my cats do, too. Squirrels, not so much.

  16. my Mia is a Carolina Dog.. they rescued her from being chained and starving.. she is now healthy and socialized and SO loyal! the love of my life. its just me and her forever!!!

  17. Found mine when it was just a few weeks old. She was tied up in a pillowcase in the middle of the road, my sister saw it moving and got out and looked and there she was. Been the best dog I've ever had, and I've paid 2,500 for a champion bloodline otherbreed before that was boarder-line retarded. I've had her for 7 years and She knows Sit,stay,roll over, crawl, shake, lay, go get it. My wife came up with a game she likes to play where I cover her eyes and my wife hides her toy somewhere in the house and she goes around until she finds it. Once I saw that I trained her for basic narcotics search and she did really well. Let both my daughter and now my infant son play with her even though they can be a little rough and annoying sometimes , she loves them. Love this dog.

  18. I adopted my rescue, Shaina , 7 years ago. They said she was a shepherd mix but I always thought she looked like a dingo. Found out she's an american dingo. I grew up with Boxers and never `thought I could love another breed as much. She is sweet as sugar, very verbal, entirely dog-socialized and the love of my life. I read that they were Native American perfect.

  19. Abosolutely the best dog we have ever owned. She is gentle, fun, super smart and just the sweetest Dog ever. She does not like watching the Walking Dead though, she hides her head.

  20. My BizKit could be this dogs twin…we were going to foster him, he was about 10 weeks. I knew from day one he was going nowhere. We adopted and he has been the best dog since. We have 9 grandkids. He loves them all especially our 4 yrs old. He will actually obey her commands….and he faced off with a 115lb Mastiff without hesitation.
    He has an identical build, color and hair culture. I love when he runs and pounces high like a deer. You want a great dog? get a CD

  21. I have one and he's great. We found him in the southern desert edge of Phoenix as a pup with deceased siblings in a pen. 15 years later and he's as much a part of my family as my child. No health problems other than an ear infection once in a while.

  22. I got my American Dingo Mia at the animal shelter. She had been put there by her old family because she kept jumping and pushing down the family's 3 year old kid. Come on, why didn't you just train the animal not to jump on the kid instead of sending her to the shelter? They didn't ever try that, trust me. When I first saw her I fell in love with her. She was over in a corner of her cage on a dog bed, scared and trembling. She didn't have anyone who cared for her, poor thing. She was scared and alone, and of course the bigger dogs in the shelter just had to make this huge racket that made her just plain fearful. She is a ''pack'' dog. She likes being with the family, she enjoys doing things with the family, and she doesn't like being left out. The shelter said she looked like a yellow lab mix. But after we got her, my sister was looking up dogs, and she came across pictures and information about Carolina dogs. She looked at the pics and said, "that looks like Mia!" She looked and acted like a Carolina dog, so we found out she was a CD. I love Mia and I'm very glad she is mine.
                              Thank you. Nice video.

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