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Funniest Moments of Crufts 2012

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Funniest Moments of Crufts 2012

A collection of funny incidents from the wonderful dogs (and humans) at Crufts 2012, the world’s largest dog show.

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  1. Omg Ashleigh and Pudsey! Bless her, but then if I was there doing agility at that speed I'd fall over.. A lot xD

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  3. It's not the dog getting the score in agility, the dog and the handler are a team that get a shared score. It's funny all the same though 🙂

  4. the poodle was the best xD aaaaw time out haha

    there really is no reason that the owners should fall. its flat ground! they should be able to have that much 'agility' 😛 I guess the dog's score still gets reduced-appropriately for how slow they get up

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