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Faithful Little Dog Waits Outside Hospital For Owner Who Became Unwell

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Lifewithdogs.Tv tells of a faithful little dog who waited for his owner who became ill.

The wait in A&E is never a pleasant experience. The atmosphere isn’t the best and they are frequently overcrowded and noisy places. Not to forget the stress of what treatment may be awaiting you.

One little chap isn’t waiting to be seen by the overstretched doctors however, he is waiting for his human companion. The little chap even had a ride in the ambulance to make sure that all went well for his owner.

“One of our ambulance crews had been called to someone who was feeling unwell, and when they arrived they found the patient accompanied by a little dog,” said paramedic, Sarah Angelou.  “They had to get the patient to hospital as quickly as possible so took them both in the ambulance to A&E.”

Hospital regulations are clear that no dogs are permitted in to A&E unless the dog is an assistance dog. That didn’t stop the staff from ensuring that he was made very comfortable during his wait however. Blankets, water and food were offered and readily accepted by the loyal and patient little fellow.

“He seemed very entertained by the passing ambulance crews and hospital staff and even managed to sneak a bite of our lunch,” Angelou said.

So perhaps there was a wait involved but at least it wasn’t an uncomfortable one.


Lonely Little Dog Waits Outside of UK ER for Owner Who Fell Ill.





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