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Bonfire Night Is Almost Here But Your Dog Probably Isn’t A Big Fan – How To Help Your Dog Stay Calm On Bonfire Night

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Bonfire Night

Dogs generally love most of the things that we love. Fireworks however are one of the few exceptions.

Most dog owners just get on with bonfire night and since it’s just a one-off annual event then taking steps to calm their pets is often forgotten about. If people took a few common sense steps though, their dogs could enjoy a more peaceful and calm bonfire night. In addition to the tips below there are calming remedies available such as Pettura.

Pettura is a drug-fee and natural remedy which calms your dog in about 15 minutes. So it’s fast acting too. Once you have purchased it you can of course use it for other stressful moments such as thunder storms, vet visits and car rides if your dog dislikes those events too.


Walk Your Dog Early


Evening and the late afternoon should be avoided for walking your dog on bonfire night. If you normally walk your dog in the evening then try make the walk a lot earlier on this day. The morning or afternoon are the best times as the fireworks haven’t started by then. If you can give your dog a longer walk than usual and also make it a lot earlier than usual then he should be calmer later on.

Music And a Relaxing Environment

On bonfire night it’s a good idea to close the curtains and pop some music on for your dog. Make it a good volume but not so loud that its bouncing your speakers off the shelf! Just a good sensible volume.

Keep Calm Yourself

It’s very easy to get excited on bonfire night, it’s a one-off celebration and food and drink are usually flowing. If you can though, try remain calm around your dog as your dog looks to you for his behavioural clues. If you are running around and everything is loud then your dog will raise his own level of excitement. This heightened level of excitement will possibly make your dog even worse when the loud fireworks get going later on.


Keep An Eye On Your Dog


If you are at home with your dog on bonfire night then your presence will be helpful on its own. But still look for signs of stress in your dog such as frequent yawning and/or possible frequent licking of his lips. If your dog starts to show such signs then try use diversion tactics such as playing with him. An energetic game such as tug-of-war is ideal as it really keeps your dog focused.

As Mentioned At The Start of This Article, Try a Calming Remedy

Pettura is certainly worth the money and is useful for all stressful situations that your dog may encounter, including fireworks of course.


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