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We have a border terrier and his claws are black. We used to have a jack russell whose claws were white/clear. It was easy cutting his claws as we could see the nerve running down the centre. With ...

  February 21, 2017     Debs1982     0    Read Answers >>

Hi all. We are going to get a dog from a rescue centre. I'd like a large dog while my wife would like something smaller like a terrier size. Would it be best to get 1 dog first and let it settle in...

  February 13, 2017     DeanCowley     0    Read Answers >>

When you want to train a dog these days you have so many (too many) choices of dog training methods. Any views on whose training you prefer between Victoria Stilwell or Cesar Milan?

  February 7, 2017     milesbarker     0    Read Answers >>

The question is in my title. Thanks

  February 7, 2017     stuharner     0    Read Answers >>

Pitbulls get a really bad press, but is it the dog breed or the owners at fault?

  February 7, 2017     Michie     0    Read Answers >>

Is there any difference between Siberian and Syrian hamsters regarding their tendency to bite their owners?

  February 7, 2017     Leadertan     0    Read Answers >>

I have been looking for quite a while to setup an aquarium. Being a logical person I have been going from page to page on Google looking for advice on good setups for beginners. I have read so much...

  February 6, 2017     GregoryWalton     0    Read Answers >>

My son has been asking us to get him a lizard for a while and while we are not against the idea, we are concerned about health issues. For any experts out there, are there risks of getting salmone...

  February 5, 2017     yvonnePastor     0    Read Answers >>

Hi all, I have recently taken possession of the devil himself disguised as a labrador puppy. How can I stop this guy from constantly biting everything in sight! Especially fingers, arms and ankles?...

  February 4, 2017     Karen83     0    Read Answers >>

My dog has swollen gums. Its mainly the back teeth and they don't look sore but do look swollen. What might this be?

  February 3, 2017     stockman     0    Read Answers >>

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