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  Our new puppy is always chasing his tail. Will he stop as he gets older or do we need to train him to stop?

We have a new puppy. He is a corgi and he's sooo cute! But he is constantly chasing his tail and maybe this is normal for a puppy? Perhaps he'll grow out of it? Or should we try train him to stop so that he doesn't continue in to his adulthood?

Posted By:  Will     February 6, 2017  
  •   Best Answer:  It may be best to try stop this behaviour earlier rather than later. Two things to try... 1. Use a distraction technique whenever he does it. Grab a ball to play with to occupy his mind maybe. 2. Get him really tired so that he doesn't have all that excess energy in the first place. I hope you manage to control it :)
      February 7, 2017     carman     

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