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  Where are all the garden birds this year?

I live in the UK (Surrey), and every year we have filled our numerous bird feeders and have attracted a great array of garden birds. This year (and end of 2016), we have put out the usual feed and we hardly get any birds in our garden at all! Is it just us seeing this?

Posted By:  Blake     February 4, 2017  
  •   Best Answer:  Hi Blake. We have also noticed the same thing. I read up on this a little as I was also wondering what the reason could be. Someone suggested that it's to do with the varying temperature and weather patterns that we are having this Winter. Some birds that normally arrive are staying longer in other places to avoid the colder Winter here. They say that they will arrive, but later than we normally expect. Not sure if this answers your question but it's all I could find when I read up on it.
      February 4, 2017     sue1978     1

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