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  My cat hates our new cat, can I do anything?

We've had our first cat for about 2 years and recently decided that it would be nice if she had some company. Fearing trouble from getting a puppy, we decided to get another cat. It seems now that a puppy would have been a safer bet! The new cat has not been welcomed at all and we now have to keep them apart as all they do is fight. Reckon we should just keep them apart forever? Or there is some hope of them becoming friends?

Posted By:  claireey     February 4, 2017  
  •   Best Answer:  We had a similar problem and after digging around for a solution we ended up following these steps offered to us from another cat owner... 1. Observe carefully the signs that the cats show just before they fight (both cats will probably have different signs), but observe and learn them. 2. Once learned, watch out for those pre-fight signs. 3. As soon as you see either cat giving away its own pre-fight clues you immediately go in to distraction mode. Distract the cats with either catnip or a toy or some treat. Do this every time and eventually the fighting tends to fade away. Hope this helps.
      February 8, 2017     JadesUncle     

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