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Dog Training

When you want to train a dog these days you have so many (too many) choices of dog training methods. Any views on whose training you prefer between Victoria Stilwell or Cesar Milan?

  February 7, 2017     milesbarker     0    Read Answers >>

We have a 2 year old beagle and we haven't really trained him apart from toilet training when he was a pup. I am thinking about training him and wondering if the £90 that my local dog school charg...

  February 6, 2017     JayneS     1    Read Answers >>

Hi all, I have recently taken possession of the devil himself disguised as a labrador puppy. How can I stop this guy from constantly biting everything in sight! Especially fingers, arms and ankles?...

  February 4, 2017     Karen83     0    Read Answers >>

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